Oliver Moya Bueno: music & sound for video games and more

Do you think Star Wars or Final Fantasy would be the same without the care took at his music & sound?

George Lucas and Hironobu Sakaguchi trusted in John Williams and Nobuo Uematsu when these composers even were not world celebrities. Please, don’t download free music or sounds and delegate the sonorous paragraph of your project to an expert. You will not regret it.


Although I am a music composer and sound designer specialized in video games, also I can to make music and sounds for movies, series, radio or advertising. I offer you the best customized music & sound for your project!

  • Music: composition, arrangement and orchestration. 
  • Sound: recording, mixing, mastering and sound design.
  • Implementation: use of Wwise to facilitate the implementation of interactive audio in your project.

I can work to produce the highest quality music and sound you need within today’s tight deadlines!


My minimum rate is:

– €200 the minute of music

– €8 for each sound effect

– 18% extra over the total prize for the use of Wwise


Feel free to contact me for any question or suggestion! All the projects will be studied as soon as possible.

(All rates are subject to change and I reserve me the right to modify the published rates without prior notice)