OST – Dark Ocean (2011)

The first time I composed a video game music was for Guardián Espacial (2005), a shoot’em up by my friend Francisco Moyano. After this game we made together versions of Pong (2006) and Tetris (2007).

Later, several friends got together to create Canoranima (2010), a point-and-click adventure game that we couldn’t finish. In this development I met David Mariscal, a friend of Francisco, programmer and video games lover who went away to study the Master in Video Game Creation at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain).

There, Dark Ocean (2011) was born, an independent video game developed for PC by a group of students for their work as the project end of their Master:


  • David Mariscal
  • Kévin Sánchez
  • Ester Arroyo


  • Alejandro Palacios
  • Arantza Marichalar


  • Oliver Moya Bueno

David contacted me to compose the soundtrack and to make sound design. Although it may not seem so, my main musical influence was Medievil, my favorite video game. The seriousness of the project made it became one of my best work to date.

Dark Ocean is a survival horror videogame settled on a luxurious cruise ship. Influenced mostly by modern horror movies and famous survival horror games, Dark Ocean emphasizes the tension and anxiety in an original and exclusive environment. You can download it here.

The game and my music had very positive reviews such as this:

Music is truly sensational and we must admit that the game in terms of sound and music stands out among the indies survival horror.

Since then, my music for Dark Ocean can be heard in my Bandcamp.

In 2014, Dark Ocean has been Greenlit by the Steam Community, but it was impossible to get together again for to make more levels and to end the game.

This year, I have uploaded the soundtrack to iTunes and Spotify. Also, my soundtrack has been added to GAME-OST!

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