Game Jam – Noche en Blanco 2016


The Noche en Blanco is a celebration into the night which aims to bring contemporary artistic creation to citizens for free. It’s an idea born in Paris (Nuit Blanche), in the year 2002, which has expanded to many other European cities. In my city, Malaga, the Noche en Blanco is celebrated in May from the year 2008.

I am a member of “MálagaJam”, an association of game developers from Malaga. To expose video games for the first time in the Noche en Blanco, the association organized a game jam the previous weekend. A game jam is a gathering of game developers for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time, in this case 48 h. Game developers are generally made up of game designers, programmers, graphic designers and musicians. The proposed theme was “The night of the stars”.

Four groups of development were formed for the event. My group was formed by three programmers, a graphic designer and me with music and sounds.

We had the opportunity to make a play for Google Cardboard, but we rule out that possibility. The programmers don’t have experience with VR and we couldn’t think of any funny idea. I wanted to make a shoot ’em up with elements of Malaga. It was an easy idea to make but It didn’t convince to my companions because the game design was not innovative. 

We’re not all agree on one idea until late Friday. On Saturday we got up very tired and the programmers began working with an engine that only one of them knew (Superpowers). On Saturday afternoon programmers changed to Unity and at night we realized it was impossible to finish the game the next day.

Saturday was very stressful, but it happened something very funny. We usually make fun with Sanic. And a friend asked me… “How does Sanic sound?”. My answer can to be watched and listened here!

We didn’t want to finish sad the game jam, so we decided that we would spend Sunday playing a hilarious local multiplayer game: TowerFall. Great!

We didn’t finish a video game, but we had such a great time. And I have now a little song more to show in my portfolio:

The song is short because the gameplay was going to be short and to have a dizzying pace. My main influences have been Golden Saucer (Final Fantasy VII) and Waterfall (Contra). I was also thinking about the music of J. S. Bach and the complextro.

Finally, I want to thank Alex Aspa for the drawing cover.



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