Oliver Moya Bueno: an artistic autobiography

I as a music composer and sound designer

Although my interest in musical composition dates from my childhood, I got into it since 2001, being my first release in 2005, a song for voice and piano about a Gustavo Adolfo Becquer’s poem, played at the “Manuel Carra” Professional Conservatory of Music in Málaga.

Even though my natural style is neo-romantic, my inquisitiveness brings me to eclecticism. I listen to music of all styles and periods enjoying and analyzing it. I have a special love to the music of Medievil and Legend. Some of my favorite artists are Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Gustav Mahler, Claude Debussy, Igor Stravinsky, John Williams, Nobuo Uematsu, Yes, Jethro Tull or Chick Corea.

My first experience conducting a musical ensemble was in 2006 for a celebration called “Mayo Musical” which took place at the education sciences faculty in Málaga’s University, where I conducted a personal arrangement for the first movement of the Concerto for piano and orchestra no. 20 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for a small chamber group formed by University classmates.

Although my first composition for video games dates back to 2005, was not until 2011 when my music was listen outside my country thanks to my work for the video game Dark Ocean, made in the Master in Video Games of the “Pompeu Fabra” University at Barcelona by David Mariscal, Kévin Sánchez, Ester Arroyo, Alejandro Palacios and Arantza Marichalar with very positive reviews in the specialised media.

Since 2014, I have clear that I want to devote myself to composition and sound design for video games. I love it. 

In 2015, I won the Award for Best Game at MalagaJam Weekend 1 (as member of the work team of The Adventures of Iommi & Tommy), I won the Award for Best Sound Section at MalagaJam Weekend 2 (for my work for Panspermia) and I was finalist at PlayStation Awards II (as member of the work team of Tintallë Chronicles).

In 2016, I won the Award from the Organization at MalagaJam Weekend 4 (as member of the work team of Letter Love Letter. Also, we managed to get 5 badges: conflicts resolved without violence, only use four colors, all that sounds with the voice, atypical controls and procedural elements). As member of the work team of Breaking Fast, I won 2nd Prize at Mallorca Game Awards, Audience Award at Indie Zone of Gamepolis IV and Public Choice Award at Gamingfest.

Currently, I am member of the “MálagaJam” association, regular collaborator of “Tale Studios” (an indie development studio formed by my friends Francisco Moyano and Manuela Ruiz) well as freelance music composer and sound designer.


I as a clarinet performer

When I was a child I started to learn music by playing the piano, as an autodidact. Although I wanted to be violinist at first, finally I chose the clarinet, the instrument which would be part of my life forever.

I completed my education at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Málaga with the best grades, in 2010.

As a clarinetist, I played with the brilliant pianist Laura Garcia Navas, in the “Duo Clarsphian”. We won three honorable mentions at “Málaga Crea”, an open call for cultural performances by the youth, organized by the city council (2008, 2009 and 2011) and the Second Prize at “Marbella Crea”, an open call for cultural performances by the youth, organized by the town council (2009).

Besides, I worked as an intern between 2009 and 2011 in the City Council Band of Music from Malaga for whom I have participated in a lot of concerts and some recordings.

Besides, between 2010 and 2011 I collaborated as a clarinetist with the composer Rafael Díaz, in several concerts and its subsequent recording of the work Málaga Gernica.


I as a video game developer

My interest in video games brought me to learn self-taught programming bases.

That allowed me to program my first game with Unity and Fungus in 2015 for Ludum Dare 34 and to create my first solo game in 2016 for Ludum Dare 35.

I have done some experiments with Pygame and Ren’Py.

In addition, I have made little games with Game Maker like Guacamole Galaxy Wars.

Currently, I have notions of C#, GML and Python.


I as a technician and researcher

My first approach to professional sound managing was in ABC Melody Studio, in 2005. Nevertheless, I didn’t get an official degree till 2013, when I finished my studies of Senior Sound Technician at Cesur, Málaga.

Since early 2012 until end of 2013 I have been an intern researcher for the algorithmic music project “Melomics” at the University of Málaga.

Signature | Oliver Moya Bueno